CIO expertise on demand and on your side, without the price tag of a Full-time CIO

The principles behind our service “CIO as a Service” is to provide our partners with the high level IT strategic advice, cost management, delivery management, risk & compliance supervision and strong clear engaging leadership that may be lacking in smaller environments and often not needed on a permanent basis.

CIO as a Service (CIOaaS) is designed to sit between your management and external IT service providers, and provide effective ongoing high-level management of IT strategy execution and IT service delivery contracts. In addition, you have access to technical expertise and advice at times of change, to support your organisation in acquiring the technology it needs to deliver on its strategic vision and business goals. 

Through this service we bring a CIO consultant into your organisation. The CIO consultant, assists with the development of the IT Strategy & Road map, provides advice and oversees the implementation of your IT Strategy that is consistent with your business vision and direction. The “CIO as a Service” consultants are able to quickly understand your business needs and pain points, engage the necessary stakeholders across your business and then create a framework for the scoping, engagement and effective delivery of the IT strategy.


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