CIO as a Service


CIO as a Service (CIOaaS) is designed to sit between your management and external IT service providers, and provide effective ongoing high-level management of IT strategy execution and IT service delivery contracts. In addition, you have access to technical expertise and advice at times of change, to support your organisation in acquiring the technology it needs to deliver on its mission. 

Business Process Management, Automation & Integration


Business Process Management (BPM) is at the heart of any transformation, automation or digitisation agenda.

Click below to find out how Auxilium Services can assist with achieving sustainable improvement in business performance by architecting and analysing business processes. 

Cyber Security Awareness and Protection


Cyber security risks and threats are a real part of our world today. Irrespective, of the size of an organisation, this is an area which needs to be on the radar of all business owners. 

At Auxilium Services we provide  enterprises with the intelligence, technology, training and human expertise they need to find trusted and reliable solutions to any cyber security challenge.